Hi there, I’m Shalom a product designer from Lagos. I started my design journey as a graphics designer 5 years ago building brand identity designs for companies, learning motion & 3d designs, etc. I then moved on to learn how to be a better front end developer by growing a strong knowledge in HTML & CSS and growing knowledge in javascript, also since a year ago began to build websites in Webflow for static & dynamic website development. With close to 3 years experience of working side by side with developers and clients as a product designer, I have grown strong skills in understanding requirements, creating personas and user flows, building quick mockups & prototypes for testing with users. Because of my knowledge in Html, CSS, Javascript, and some frontend libraries and frameworks, I have been able to contribute in technical conversations with frontend developers to help build user interfaces to create a smooth experience for users.

  I always had an affinity for things moving around so I learned how to create vector animations, video editing and photo editing using (photoshop, illustrator, after effect and premiere pro) and I have incorporated those skills into creating solutions and also created content just for fun.
    Webflow is a game changer to web development and I’ve been working with it for over a year  and it’s been awesome so far.
If you still haven’t figured it out yet, the whole site was built with Webflow 😏.

I love to connect with creatives in different fields because I just want to expand my knowledge on how more design solutions can be created. I love it when everything goes according to plan (which happens the least of the time and I love good food). 😋

My plan for the next few years is to keep improving on my skill to create solutions and be able to manage teams to put more design products in the hand of consumers. Also to grow my network of clients so as to create a design studio that'll act a tunnel for younger designers to meet good clients, learn at a fast pace and earn good pay.

Reach out to me let's build something together.

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