Visual design

May 10, 2020


May 6, 2020

Carrying out exploration on character design using figma.

Scrolling through twitter found an amazing sketch and like Kyarakutā wanted to see how I can could digitally bring the sketch to life.

By tonci zonjic

After downloading the sketch I started with creating by quickly tracing out the object by using the pen tool in figma.

After tracing out the object, I already had visual direction I wanted the illustration to look like at the end. So I started with using a plan black color #000000 but using transparency for contrast.

Next I cleaned up the illustration, created. a color scheme and then voila!🎉 the illustration was ready.


What color style do you prefer?

This little project was quite exciting because it was a bit different from what I regularly do...

Well till next time, see you as we keep building products for next billion users

Herooos 💪🏽




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