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May 6, 2019


June 10, 2019


Create a quick process for users to find the medical providers close to them and schedule an appointment.

Approach 🛠

After gathering requirements from the client, I started to brainstorm on the process and the brand objective.

Get users access to medical services... fast!

With this in mind,  I drew a quick user flow for the basic process of users searching for medical providers and scheduling appointments.

During the wireframe process, I had to carry out several iterations on the process to figure out the fastest way to accomplish the task of users finding medical services that I & my Creative lead had to test out. We wanted to make sure we guide the users to input the necessary information that'll help the algorithm provide a suitable list of medical practitioners based on skill, rating, and proximity to the user.

First Iteration
Second iteration

Approved Process

After testing and validating the best process for users to search for health providers with my team member, I moved on to mockup design

Solution 🎨

Visually we wanted to reduce cutter and made sure we display the important things to the user (find a health provider). We created a colour pallette that had a soft appeal to users and used the colour palette as a guide to create design components and also UI illustrations

Till next time, see you as we keep building products for the next billion users.

Built with Figma

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