Ui/ Ux design

March 30, 2019


April 1, 2019

Fahji started out as a google map redesign challenge on uPlabs. After posting the design I wanted to explore more on how I could make it better and so I redesigned the product to a specific market.

When the night calls, fahji is here for you

Fahji is simply a product that allows users find amazing spots around their location to hangout. It displays the activities of people that have checked out the spot, the rating, the mood of the place ,  its proximity to the user's current location and also gives users options on how to get to the place.

This was a quick project that I spent little time doing, It was just a design exploration to see better ways to prototype a map locator and an event booking process.

Built with after effect and adobe Xd


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Herooos 💪🏽




Kia Kia wireframing Kit


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