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November 10, 2019


November 12, 2019

A swift wire-framing kit that contains well-designed mobile components that allow you to cook up ideas in a flash!

Goal 🎯

I built this project simply for me 😅. The reason because over a long time working with clients and brainstorming ideas I always found myself creating the same wireframe designs over and over again. I wanted that process to be faster, where all I have to do after a flow has been approved (a user map) is quickly create a wireframe, test out the ideas and iterate on a better solution and then move on to the juicy part, the design 😋.

Approach 🛠

I had one desire, to be faster 🏃🏽‍♂️ and I already had multiple wireframe files I created for different projects, so all I did was to look through each project and highlight components that were constantly repeating. Then I created a simple list of those components and then I started to design.

Solution 🎨

Wireframes are more concentrated on understanding that aesthetics. so I didn't want to go over the top with colours, font styles, etc because it can move from looking like a wire-framing kit to a simple UI kit. So, I stuck to a colour scheme that was simple and efficient and built the components out of it.

This is just the version 1, I'm looking forward to including more components and improving the general look and feel.

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Well, till next time, see you as we keep building products for the next billion users.

Herooos 💪🏽




Kia Kia wireframing Kit


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