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January 13, 2020


February 14, 2020

PLSQL TO Snowflakes Data Migration Tool

Problem  Statement🛑

Sales companies have a lot of transactions with a huge amount of data size running (e.g 10 Petabytes) on on-premise databases like Oracle. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days before a report for transactions can be generated. Cases like power outages and disaster recovery processes take a long while to complete which makes customers constantly lose confidence in the company.

Issues with on-premise databases:

  • Database maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Infrastructure cost
  • Database administration know -how

Product Solution

Create a tool that helps migrate on-premise database to a cloud data warehouse like snowflake .


  • speed and performance
  • Easy to scale up and down
  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Zero management data warehouse as a service.
  • Easy integration with Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Goal 🎳

To design a web application that shows the entire flow of migrating on-premise databases to a cloud data warehouse.

Approach 🛠

Primarily the users are going to be Database engineers and I had to sit down with the developer to understand pain points, the best approach to the interface design based on front end dev skills, and generally figure out the right flow and process to take for engineers to easily migrate their database.

We had discussions around the database credentials, database objects needed for migration (tables, procedures, functions & views), error handling and notification, filtering objects, the duration for migration, and useful information to display to engineers when migration was successful.

After gathering requirements, I collaborated with the developer to create a user flow to properly understand the process.

Design Solution🎨

After multiple iteration on the design, we got to a point that worked! The design the ability to

  • Input database information
  • Configure database objects before migration
  • Displayed migration errors/ notifications based on the analysis carried out on the design.
  • Show users the progress migration

I got to design the interface using a 12-grid system so the front end dev can easily implement using basic front end libraries like bootstrap.

Worked with the developer to find front-end javascript libraries that'll help show certain indicators like the progress bar and also shared the link that helps imitate the wave pattern on the landing page.

The idea behind the wave interaction on the landing page was to emulate the way waves transfer energy.

Wave' is a common term for a number of different ways in which energy is transferred: In electromagnetic waves, energy is transferred through vibrations of electric and magnetic fields.

It was an exciting project getting to understand better on how databases are managed and basically improving my knowledge of database structure.

The project is currently in development and will be out few months from now.

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